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2019 Trade & Medicines Report Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Godfrey Philimon
Godfrey Philimon
Thanks for the presentation
Godfrey Philimon
My question is how TRIPS will insure countries be clear in their laws and policies to implement the Article 67: Technological Assistance?
Tabitha Ha
Tabby from STOPAIDS UK here. Sorry my mic isn't working! My comment - thanks for this useful overview. US-UK trade agreement is a controversial in the UK at the moment with the Conservative party saying that the NHS nor drug prices are 'on the table', which we know they are but not explicitly but through 'coded language' of IP, etc. What further research would useful for us is the section proposed on effective treaty language analysis - if we 'Brexit' our MPs have no experience in analysing trade agreements, therefore this would be useful for our advocacy. We would also find useful the steps under political economy on the impact of lobbyists and others on trade agreements and cataloguing the policy levers beyond TRIPS flexibilities. Other important evidence for us are the impact of trade agreements on price caps and improving price transparency (the UK is against medicines transparency but this seems to be pushed by the US).
Sakiko Fukuda-Parr
Can I put in a word? sakiko
there is still a last round of questions/coments?