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Paul Angelo, Central America in Crisis - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeffrey Tannenbaum
If the laws were changed to reinstitute criminal penalties for repeatedly crossing the border that this would affect illegal immigration ?
What are the mining interests in El Salvador and Honduras currently? Is it primarily gold or other minerals or resources? And has this been taken over by these countries' governments?
Mary Mendoza
Is there any possibility of any of these anti corruption bodies that were closed during the Trump administration, being reopened?
Ed Martens
What is the likely hood of us opening our market more to their products? That way we could rncourage light manufacturers.
Lloyd Axelrod
What is the impact of public corruption on foreign aid to the Northern Triangle? Will the money be siphoned off by the political class for its own interests?
Sue Butler
In the climate work I do, I have heard of the success of teaching regenerative agriculture in Central America, by such groups as Sustainable Harvest International, which they describe as “Organic Farming for Poverty Alleviation” Are such programs having a positive impact?
Mary Mendoza
Predatory Elite is a very accurate term for the elite of these countries - for more details -read Darron Acemoglu'sWhy Nations Fail.
Raoul Alcalá
Question about the effectiveness of local political organizations and international organizations (UN, OAS) to help.
Raoul Alcalá
What advice would (or have) you give to VP Harris in carrying out her mission?